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3 web development tools you've probably never heard of

I got the chance to hang out with the fine folks at Twilio today and build a hackday project with their awesome API’s. Hackdays are all about getting things do...

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About those shoes...

Yes, my shoes are very weird. Yes, I run in them. Even on pavement. No, it doesn't hurt. They are called Vibram FiveFingers.

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5 things that suck about Europe

I love traveling to Europe. I’ve been to France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Holand, Belgium, and Italy. I love gothic archite...

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Taking the Khan Academy to the next level

LinkedIn dedicates one Friday every month to an “InDay” where employees are allowed to spend time on something they are passionate about that is outside their ...

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Obsessed with the apocalypse

I love jogging around Stanford campus. While I train my body, the beautiful architecture, Rodin sculptures, cactus garden, rolling hills, classic buildin...

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Why I don't want to stay in shape

I’ve been doing Crossfit for 3 years now. It has gotten me in the best shape of my life in every aspect of fitness: strength, speed, endurance, coordination, e...

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Programming lessons I wish I knew when I graduated, part 2

This is the second part of my Programming lessons I wish I knew when I graduated series in which I discuss how much I suck at programming and some of the lesso...

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Programming lessons I wish I knew when I graduated, part 1

I’ve been writing code for about ~13 years. I’ve had jobs in the software industry since 9th grade: while my friends spent summers slaving away at their McJobs, ...

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The 30 day blog fitness challenge

At work, we recently started the 100 day burpee challenge. The rules are simple: on the first day, you do 1 burpee, on the second day, 2 burpees, on third day...

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LinkedIn Hackdays

A blog post I wrote on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog about LinkedIn Hackdays:

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